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What you need to know about open source software license with relevant to GitHub. To add license to an existing and new (while creating a repo) GitHub repository.

What is public repository on GitHub?

Whenever we surf about any resources, relevant code or open source software on GitHub, some of the repositories are listed and we…

Let’s see what is object-oriented programming, it’s concepts and how to explain OOP concepts to a non-technical person in less than 10 mins.

Let’s see

Object-oriented programming

To begin with, Programminga way of designing, organizing/building, describing/modeling the executable computer program(code) to perform a specific task. …

A curated list of must use websites for developers.

Web resources

Color Schemes


If you are in a situation that you need to sign out a Gmail account among multiple Gmail account, then this article is handy for you.

Google forces to sign out of all accounts

If you forgot to sign out of your Gmail on another device, you could remotely sign out of Gmail using the steps in this…

How to develop ASP.NET Core MVC application with and without Entity Framework using VS code? Let’s see

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Prerequisites (For both with EF and without EF)

  1. .NET Core SDK

If you have already installed .NET Core SDK then check whether SDK installed .(as shown in figure 1)

Let’s see about How does the JavaScript technology and JavaScript frameworks that mainly preferred to build awesome user experience especially full-stack development.

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Applications(logical integration of program) that we developing are more user friendly, upgraded periodically, secure accessibility of modern web technologies, centralized web apps updates and smooth implementation by software…

Let’s talk about Full-stack development- MERN. This blog covers theoretical concepts alone.

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Web Development — designing a website or application built for an awesome user experience. Then what is full-stack development?

Full Stack Development

Simply, working on both the front-end and back-end of the application. More specifically, stack means different technologies being used…

Let’s discuss Node.js. Why we use node.js for single-page application?

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We know JS language is used to create applications more interactive. Now, it is used with desktop, mobile, and web applications and servers.


Web applications which we request from the client are stored in a web server and we termed…

Lets start about fingerprints and its related stuffs. Moreover, we see about how fingerprints are identified.

Introduction to fingerprints


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